The aim of the  Stop Smoking Berkshire website is to explain how you can permanently quit the lethal habit of smoking – quickly and easily – while at the same time being taught a very useful new lifetime skill.

This website has been created by the Therapy Partnership, a well-established professional clinical hypnotherapy practice which has developed a successful stop smoking programme which puts you back in control.

As well as helping you to give up smoking the Therapy Partnership also teaches a simple, highly effective self-hypnosis technique, a much prized personal resource which you will be able to employ for the rest of your life in many different circumstances.

In addition smokers who take part in this programme receive an undertaking of free back-up support if needed to remain non-smokers. That undertaking runs for an entire year after therapy.

So, if you are a smoker  you are invited to come for a free, without obligation, consultation. At that consultation you can ask any questions you wish,  get to know the therapist and then in your own time decide whether this is the way you wish to overcome your unwanted nicotine addiction.

Sounds like a good idea … then phone us on

0118 988 3961

Brunel Bridge, Maidenhead